Who Is Kelly Green?

Show Dates:
October 27 - 29, November 3 - 5, 2006

Coming soon.

Cast and Crew:
Written and directed by: Morgan Stewart and Eileen Townsend
Set Design: Bill Baker and Andy Diggs
Set Crew: Alan Stewart, Ashley Brunner, Alexis Harris, Eileen Townsend
Technical Wizard: Cliff Rampy
Lighting Designer: Scout Anglin
Lighting Crew: Caitlin Woodward, Russell Brandon, Shonda Maness
Poster Design: Morgan Stewart and Eileen Townsend
Stage Manager: Elokin Capece
Child Manager: Leah Capece
House Managers: Leslie Jacobs, Aisling Cordon, Anne Bosher, Alan Stewart
The Ensemble:
Hallway Prophet: Ryan Masson
Kelly Green: Sara Stephens
Marcus Jones: Kevon Rudd
Mr. Principal: Bill Baker
Mr. Standard Math Teacher: Andy Diggs
Ms. Guidance Counselor: Morgan Stewart
Mrs. Optional Math Teacher: Krista Early
Mr. Substitute: Coldwell Daniel IV
Mrs. Pre-A.P. English Teacher: Annie Sullivan
Ms. Coach: Erin Jones
The Student Body --
Optional Class: Ashley Brunner, Sarah Harriston, Alexis Harris, Newman Wheat
Standard Class: Meegan Canny, Elokin Capece, Andy Harper, Bekka Koch, Haneefah Rudd


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