Show Dates:
February 15 - 17, 2002


Cast and Crew:
Production Crew
Director/Scenic Designer: Chuck Zimmer
Writer/Assistant Director/Flag Choreographer: Robin Zimmer
Choreographer: Kimberly Baker, with additional movement by the Ensemble
Costume Designer: Bruce Bui
Administrative Intern/Assistant to the Costume Designer: Michael Dziura
Lighting Designer: Stephen Forsyth
House Managers: Claudia Rutkauskas and Leslie Jacobs
Reality Players
 Bill Baker: Dr. Sanders
 Andrew Diggs: Howard
 John Rutkauskas: Joel
 Virginia Reed: Angela
 Zoe the Dog: Herself
Howard's mind
Featured Dancers
Linley Schmidt: Solitary Female Dancer
  Sarah Rushakoff: Jester
Fire Colors
Mac Flournoy: Red/Excitement
  Sylvia S. Hughes: Yellow/Joy
  Morgan Rose Stewart: Pink/Jubilance
Jewel Colors
Brad Janis: Brown/Confidence
  Dan Reilly: Golden/Courage
  Sonja Perry: Purple/Boldness
Water Colors
Tracy L. Morgan: Dark Blue/Sorrow
  Alanna Stewart: Mint Green/Nurturing
  ZoŽ Etkin: Royal Blue/Forgiveness
  Katherine Dohan: Silver/Hope
Alan Stewart: Terror One/Anxiety
  Randy Wayne Youngblood: Terror Two/Fear
  Coldwell Khyber Daniel IV: Terror Three/Rage
  Cary Johnson: Terror Four/Depression