Seeing Eyes

Show Dates:
June 21 - 30 & July 1, 2007

Cast and Crew:
Written and Directed by: John Rutkauskas
Music: Pam Pinkall
Choreography: Claire Rutkauskas & Brad Janis
Poetry: Nathanael Dietrich
Stage Manager: Andrew Diggs
Set Design: John Rutkauskas
Lighting Design: Scout Anglin
Lighting Crew: Caitlin Woodward, Shonda Maness, Troy Gottier
Sound Design: David Newsome
Costume Design & Construction: Eileen Townsend
Hair & Makeup Design: Sarah Behnke of Paggio's
Poster Design: Alexis Harris & Sarah Jones
Set Construction: Cliff Rampy & Don Wells
House Managers: Leslie Jacobs, Denise Gilmore, Alanna Stewart, Morgan Stewart
Cast in Order of Appearance:
John: Alan Stewart
Pam: Beth Webb
Student 1, Client 2: Carol Tyler
Student 2, Preppie, Client 1, Magnolia: Paula Armstrong
Teacher, Client 3, Fountain, Barrista: Jessica Buttermore
Mom, Sister Carnelian: Annie Sullivan
Dad, Mentor, George, Khy, Magnolia: Khyber Daniel
Instructor, Dr. Macula, Bill Baker: William Webb
Muffy: Linley Schmidt
Silver Shoes: Brad Janis
Silver Spoon, Dr. 2: Zoe Etkin
Dr. Fovea: Andy Diggs
Claire, Child, Koi: Alden Schmidt
Randy, Magnolia: Randy Youngblood
Black: Claire Rutkauskas
White: Bradley Steven Janis
Yellow: Robbi Yow
Red: Daniel Reilly
Orange: Valentine Leonard
Green: Zoe Etkin
Blue: Alexis Harris
Violet: Linley Schmidt

Rehearsal Gallery #1
Rehearsal Gallery #2
Rehearsal Gallery #3

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