No Business

Show Dates:
June 22, 23, 25, and 30 and July 1 - 2, 2006

"GET OUT! - Best bets for the weekend and beyond" - The Commercial Appeal June 23, 2006

Cast and Crew:
Written by: Coldwell "Khyber" Daniel IV
Directed by: Bill Baker
Set Design: Andy Diggs
Lighting Design: Clint Early
Costume Design: Brittany Bostick
Poster Design: Coldwell Daniel IV
Special Effects: Cliff Rampy
Sound Technician: Sallis Murrell
House Managers: The Rushakoff, Webb, Stewart/Jacobs and Rutkauskas families
The Ensemble:
John Wangdoodle Doe: Coldwell "Khyber" Daniel IV
Bill Banker: Bill Baker
Thea: Elokin Capece
Tre: Linley Schmidt
Nora: Brittany Bostick
Sara: Carrie Howell
Andy: Andy Diggs
Annie: Annie Sullivan
Grayson: Grayson Akridge
Alden: Alden Schmidt
Connie Job: Twana Taylor
Sy Cosis: Adam Craycroft
Ice Tres: Nick Sanchez
Papa Razzi: Carol Tyler
Holly Wood: Shadyah Al-Maleki
Phil Lander: Jason Gerhard
Okra Wimpy: Andrea Cash
Tom Cruise: Himself


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