The Momo's Curse

Show Dates:
October 25 - 27 & November 1 - 3, 2002

"Shock Treatment" by Chris Davis - The Memphis Flyer October 24, 2002

Cast and Crew:
Translator/Director: Bill Baker
Choreographer: Kimberly Taylor Baker (with additional movement by the ensemble)
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Mike Dziura

Scenic Designer: Good Show, LLC (Joey Pegram and Bill Andrews)
Scenic Crew: Alan Stewart, Gordon Ginsburg, Zak Baker, Oliver Dose
Lighting Designer: Stephen Forsyth
Lighting Crew: Bill Baker, Kimberly Baker, Zak Baker, Rebecca Wolf, Gordon Ginsburg
Sound Designer: David Newsome
Puppet Designer: Laura Wilhelm
Puppet Construction Crew: Bobbie Drobeck, Alan Stewart, Morgan Stewart, John Rutkauskas, Kimberly Baker, Zo╬ Etkin
Costume Designer: Mike Dziura
Costume Crew: Sue Boyle
Poster Designer/Website Manager: Sarah Rushakoff
House Manager: Claudia Rutkauskas

The Momo: Bill Baker
The Spirit: Kimberly Baker
Chorus: Morgan Stewart, Sarah Rushakoff, Quita Grady, Morgan Fox, Brad Janis, Joshua Laurenzi, Zo╬ Etkin, Linley Schmidt, Aliza Moran, Patricia Carreras, Alan Stewart, John Rutkauskas, Randy Wayne Youngblood, Zak Baker, Alanna Stewart, Coldwell Khyber Daniel IV, Bobbie Drobeck, Katherine Dohan, Harriet Bensman, Sonja Perry

Information about human rights as they relate to the mental health system:
Mindfreedom and ECT
"A resource for all those studying or simply admiring the complexity of Artaud's work and life."

An essay on Artaud
Short biography on Artaud with cross-references to Surrealism and Theatre of Cruelty

Artaud's Manifesto in a Clear Language

The Theatre and the Plague:
Description of a piece performed by Artaud

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