Letting Go

Show Dates:
June 27 - 29 & July 5 - 6, 2008

Cast and Crew:
Written by: Coldwell Khyber Daniel IV
Directed by: Bill Baker
Choreography: Kimberly Baker & The Ensemble
Stage Manager: Shonda Maness
Costume Design: Lois Ketcham
Set & Lighting Design: B.K. Lalibre
Crew: Alexis Harris, Bob Klyce, Valentine Leonard, Allison Hennie & Shonda Maness
Sound Operator: Michael Klyce
Poster Design: Coldwell Khyber Daniel IV
Movement & Vocal Coach for Children: Christina Klyce
House Managers: Leslie Jacobs, Claudia Rutkauskas, Morgan Stewart
The Ensemble:
Hal: Bob Klyce
CJ (Cordelia Jr.): Claire Rutkauskas
Angelo: Alan Stewart
Cordelia: Valentine Leonard
Don: Michael Joyner
Jon: Davy Ray Bennett
Beatrice: Linley Schmidt
Rich: Kevin Ketcham
Ophelia: Allison Hennie
Rosyland: Alexis Harris
Cleo: Joanna Deaton
Tony: John Klyce
Angel: Alden Schmidt
Reaper: Alexander Moody


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