Show Dates:
October 17 - 19 & 24 - 26, 2008

Press Release

Production Team:
Written and Directed by: Bill Baker
Musical Direction by: Jarad Bingham
Stage Manager: Shonda Maness
Set Design: Alison Hennie
Light Design: Scout Anglin
Master Electrician: Alison Hennie
Sound Design: Michael Joyner & Jarad Bingham
Sound Technician: Bill Baker
Costume Design: Kimberly Baker
Poster & Program Design: Nikii Richey
Administrative Assistant: Claire Rutkauskas

Cast (in order of appearance):
God: Khyber Daniel
Everyone: Michael Joyner
Mort: Bill Roberds
Phyl: Alexis Harris
Kith: Kimberly Baker
Kindred: Jarad Bingham
Goods: Bob Klyce
Grace: Pam Pinkall
Ken: Davy Ray Bennett
Augustine: Alan Stewart
Angel: Annie Sullivan
Bill: Marvin Stockwell
Clever: Katherine Dohan
Cool: Joe Murphy
Belle: Scout Anglin
Heavenly Host: Valentine Leonard, Claire Rutkauskas
Crowd: Linley Schmidt, Alden Schmidt, Chris Akridge


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