Show Dates:
September 28 - 30, 2007

Press Release

"Play focuses on mother-friendly natural birth" by Kimberly Baker, Special to The Commercial Appeal - The Commercial Appeal September 25, 2007

Cast and Crew:
Written by: Karen Brody
Directed by: Bill & Kimberly Baker
Stage Manager: Shonda Maness
Rehearsal Assistant: Daniel Reilly
Childcare: Karen Barksdale
Lighting Design: Scout Anglin
Lighting Crew: Scout Anglin & Andy Diggs
Sound Engineer: Shonda Maness
Poster Design: Peter Tevonian
House Managers: Leslie Jacobs, Claudia Rutkauskas
Amanda: Meegan Canny
Beth: Susan Wooldridge
Janet: Beth Yow
Jillian: Kimberly Baker
Lisa: Sonja Perry
Natalie: Erin Jones
Sandy: Erin Walter
Vanessa: Alexis Harris
Other roles: Daniel Reilly, Alan Stewart, & Annie Sullivan

For more information about Birth and the BOLD movement:


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