The Our Own Voice Theatre Troupe will present Ann Tigony, written and directed by Bill Baker, Feb. 10 through Feb. 19 at Theatreworks. A "transmutation" of Sophocles' Antigone, the production uses the structure of classical drama, with its alternating monologues, dialogues and choral odes, to present a contemporary story of intergenerational conflict in a modern dysfunctional family.

This is the second show of the fifteenth season of the Our Own Voice Theatre Troupe. This season is devoted to presenting works by the founding members of the ensemble. Baker, who has acted as Artistic Director for the troupe since 1991, has also written a number of scripts for the company over the years, including Miracle Play (1995), Mystery Play (1998), The Momo's Curse (2002) and The Passion of Joni Dark (2004). In the latter two plays, he was inspired by the example of the ancient Greek theatre to use a chorus to act as spokespersons or intermediaries for the audience. With Ann Tigony, he uses this structure more deliberately to explore the meaning of "tragedy" in a contemporary context.

In association with Ann Tigony, the troupe is pleased to present a staged reading of a new play by Brett Hanover called S4tryr Pl4y. In the classical theatre of the Greeks, tragedies were performed at a day long festival in honor of the god, Dionysus. At the end of the festival, each playwright would present a "satyr play", a short, ribald comedy, to offset the serious drama that had preceded it. Hanover's S4tyr Pl4y, like Baker's Ann Tigony, uses the structure of Greek theatre within a modern context. In this case, the context is internet culture, and the chorus is an internet chat room. The reading will be presented on Saturdays (Satyr days), Feb. 11 and 18, after the performances of Ann Tigony.

The troupe is also pleased to announce that following the opening night performance of Ann Tigony, Feb. 10, there will be a reception/CD release party, to present the new recording by the Broadminded Mental Brains Orchestra. The original music, from OOVTT's October production, Broadminded Mental Brains, was composed and performed by Zak Baker, Jake Fly and Casey Fly to lyrics by Randy Wayne Youngblood. The party will feature a performance by "The Broadminded Mental Brains Orchestra Unplugged."

Ann Tigony will be presented Feb. 10, 11, 12, 17 and 18 at 8:00 pm and Feb. 19 at 3:00 pm at Theatreworks, 2085 Monroe. Admission will be $10.00 general admission and $8.00 for students and seniors. The Sunday matinee is a special "Pay-what-you-can" show. S4tyr Pl4y will be presented Feb. 11 and 18 at 10pm. Admission for the reading is free. For reservations or more information, contact Our Own Voice at 274-1000.