about our own voice

Created in 1991, the Our Own Voice Theatre Troupe is an organization working to empower people marginalized by mental illness, and striving to engage our community in dialogue about mental health. We use the theatre as a forum for exploring issues that affect the psychological and social well-being of all of us.

The Our Own Voice Theatre Troupe is a resident company at TheatreWorks, located at 2085 Monroe, just off Overton Square in the heart of Midtown Memphis.

Board of Directors
Alan Stewart, President
Bruce Schadrack, Treasurer/Secretary
Susan Andrews
Bill Baker (ex officio)
Kimberly Baker (ex officio)
Jarad Bingham
Coldwell Khyber Daniel IV
Polly Hoffman
Marvin Stockwell

Staff Members
Bill Baker, Artistic Director
Kimberly Baker, Managing Director

For more information, we invite you to read A Brief History of the Our Own Voice Theatre Troupe.